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Your Morning Coffee 11/03/2022

Good morning!

Welcome to your morning coffee! May our Heavenly Father comfort us in our weakness and refresh us in our weariness. Father, we are, all of us, broken, imperfect, weary. We daily and desperately depend on your son Jesus. In his name may we trust in him as the one who guides us as our shepherd daily into your presence. We are the sheep of your pasture. You lead us. You guide us. You restore our souls. Refresh us today, Father! And lead us in your way everlasting!

Your Morning Song: "House of the Lord" by Phil Wickham

Your Morning Scripture: Galatians 6:9

Let us not become weary in doing good,

for at the proper time we will reap a harvest

if we do not give up.


There was something shallow about this verse when I read it as a child. It seemed to me to be something like a fountain at a mall, full of small coins and perhaps a bouncy ball. I could touch the bottom if I wanted to. Maybe grab a quarter if my mom wasn't looking. It was fun, but also quickly forgotten if a toy store was close enough.

And yet, I was wrong. Not wrong in a moral way, but in the child-like way God designed. He waits for us as we grow, as we age, as we mature, as we experience life, continuing to hold out his word to us. He waits for us. He waits with us.

And then we read a verse like this again and anew. As we have grown and deepened, we are able to better understand the fullness of what God's word is saying to us.

As we have lived, and worked, and suffered, and endured as broken people in a broken world, it is reasonable that we might become weary. One of the mistakes we can so easily make is to allow our weariness, which is reasonable, to make us weary of doing good. It is not wrong to be tired in our spirits. But our response to this reasonable weariness should not be to reject God's promises to us.

God promises to us that if we do not become weary of doing good, then at the right time we will reap a harvest. If we do not give up.

The promise of harvest, of God's reward, of God's delight at our trust in him, this can and will sustain us, no matter how reasonably weary we are.

God sent his son not just to save us, but to relate to us, to serve as our high priest before God the Father, crying out, "I am your son and these are my brothers and sisters!" And Jesus has lived just as we have lived, and been tempted, tested, tried.

Our God understands us with a depth and grace we cannot ourselves understand. But despite not completely understanding it, we can trust in God's deep and abiding love for us. We can rest in God's promises, his love given voice, that if we do not give up doing good, we will reap a harvest unlike any other.

Are you weary church? If so, that's perfectly reasonable. But how will you respond? Will you stop doing what is right and good? Or will you trust in God's promise of harvest? Will you trust the one who sent his son to live and love and weep and die and rise for us?

Let us be a people not who never weary but let us be a people who do not weary of doing good. The harvest is coming and has already come.

May we be a people who live resting in God's delight at our obedience to his will in his word!

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