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Your Morning Coffee 10/06/2022

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Good morning!

Welcome to your morning coffee! May our Heavenly Father grab firmly ahold of us and destroy all of our false images about ourselves. Father, I am daily drawn back to the lies I tell myself about myself, and about you. God I am not good enough for you. But you are more than good enough for me! And Father, it is your goodness that matters. I am not strong enough to hold on to you, but it is your grip that matters. And you have promised, my dearly beloved Father, never to let me go. Why do I sometimes act like you might? Heavenly Father, in the name of your son Jesus, send the Holy Spirit into the garden of my thought-life, and pull the weeds I've made into trees. Tend to my thoughts, find any offensive way in me, and lead me daily into the most abundant life. Where there is peace like a river, love like an ocean, and joy like a fountain in my soul. Help me please you Father!

Your Morning Song: "Child Again" by Needtobreathe

Your Morning Scripture: Isaiah 64:8

But now, O Lord, you are our Father;

we are the clay, and you are our potter;

we are all the work of your hand.


Carnival mirrors. Ever looked at yourself in one? It twists and distorts how we look and, like a child, we laugh and turn and move, watching our image contort into funny shapes.

But when the carnival mirrors are on the other side of our eyes, waiting for us in the garden of our thought-life, we don't laugh. We don't turn and move playfully for a moment before moving on to something else. We stand still and stare, held paralyzed there by our own twisted, distorted vision of ourselves.

How do we see ourselves in our mind's eye? Ugly? Fat? Old? Childish looking? Blemished? Scarred? And how quickly we take these twisted self-descriptions and cast them across our inner whole.

I am...(insert twisted, hurtful word here)

I am...

I am...not good.

And if you think this, you're right. You are not good. Good is how God described the rest of creation. He called you, "very good." Why does he call us very good? Is it because of how we look? How we talk? Things that we can do or know?


We are very good because we are, each one of us, the work of God's hands. We are made and molded and loved by he who is more than Maker. He is our Father.

He hates it when you lie about yourself. Or take small things and twist them and distort them into something far bigger than is reasonable. Our Father hates it when the same mind's eye mirrors that declare us trash also put everyone else on perfect pedestals. Our hearts long to say, "I am the worst," and of everyone else, "they are and have it the best."

Lies. You are made by God for God. And in this you are very good.

Let our twisting, distorting mirrors break in the hands of our Father. Like a certain song says, "And if you ever think that you are not enough, I'm gonna break all your mirrors."

God, your Father in Heaven, the one who made you, molds you, loves you and holds you, is the only one who can honestly describe you. He is the one who claims you. He is the one who names you. And he calls you loved, cherished, saved, beautiful, wonderful. Very Good.

And so let God be the one who judges you, not just in salvation, but in all things. Let your loving Father label you.

My child. My son. My daughter.


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