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Your Morning Coffee 07/14/2023

Good morning!

Welcome to your Morning Coffee! May our Heavenly Father reveal our need to be taught His precious ways, and then show us who can help us. Father, we want to know you better, and you have invited us to help each other in knowing you. Guide us in seeking out those who are wise to your ways, your will, and your word. May we embrace them and their wisdom of you. Help us to treasure the teaching of those who are wise in you as a fountain that gives life to our everyday living! In Jesus's name, by the guidance of the Spirit, and for your glory Father, offer us the teaching of your wise! Amen.

Your Morning Song: "Immeasurably More" by Rend Collective

Your Morning Scripture: Proverbs 13:14

The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life,

turning a person from the snares of death.


Someone once told me of a horrific choice one of their friends was making. They gave me the lay of the land, and then they asked, how could their friend make such a terrible choice? What the choice was doesn't matter for this devotional, only that it was sin and that God specifically said that He hates this choice.

The question remains, and is a refrain we have all likely struggled with, "How could he?" or "How could she?" Or perhaps we are looking back at our own sinful choices in our past. How could we choose to do such things?

If we want to be practical, there is probably a mix of different answers as to, "How could he? She? We?" Here in Proverbs 13:14 God lays out one such ingredient in the mix of how we could make such sinful, God-hated choices.

"The teaching of the wise..."

Who is wise in your life? Not wise according to simple common sense, although also that. Who is wise in your life to the understanding of God's Will and the way to obey it? Do you have mature believers in your life teaching you God's wisdom?

If you have pursued and embraced godly, wise people to teach you, then the wisdom they give you will bring a greater health and richness to every area of your life. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you will be filled to overflowing. Not that you will never again suffer in any way, but that no suffering, no present death of any kind in this presently fallen world will be able to steal the abundant, eternal life that is poured into you, through you, and overflowing out of you by the Spirit, in the name of the Son, for the glory and delight of the Father.

A sermon on a Sunday morning isn't enough. We need wise, godly teaching in our everyday living. Make, maintain, and pursue relationships with those who are wise to teach you. Youtube sermons can be a small supplement, but they aren't enough. Know wise people. Be known by wise people. And embrace their wisdom as the life-giving resource that it is.

Or risk just checking the Sunday morning church box and living foolishly alone and without urgency, walking amongst the many traps and snares of death. Making horrific, death-full, God-hated choices.

May we be a people known as

"Good and Faithful Servants

Who Love God's Wisdom."

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