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Your Morning Coffee 02/22/2023

Good morning!

Welcome to your morning coffee! May our Heavenly Father bring us, ourselves, back to Himself. Father, we get so caught up in what we can do for you, that we often forget that your Will for us will always begin with who we are with you. Help us to see your Will for what it is, and not what we would like it to be. In the name of your son Jesus, and by the guiding, growing influence of the Holy Spirit, He who lives within us, help us to set aside the false sweetness of our sacrifices, and just obey you. Amen.

Your Morning Song: "The Old Rugged Cross" by Chris Rice

Your Morning Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,

give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


There is a mistake we sometimes make, when, for a moment we pause and reflect on our life, and look for purpose. What do you want us to do God? What ministry do you want us to start? What do you want us to lead? What do you want us to do? What is your Will, God?

Many of us ask these kinds of questions. And before we dig into the verses above, let me begin with a small disclaimer. It is good to ask God what He wants you to do. It is good to ask God how you can serve, lead, love, create, etc, etc, etc.

And yet...

Many of us, myself included, have misunderstood exactly how we are supposed to interact with God's Will. God's Will is first, foremost, and last, that we would obey Him in all things. God does not want our great leadership, our mighty service, our incredible sacrifice. He simply wants our obedience.

The majority of God's Will for our life is so simple that it often gets overlooked. Like an iceberg whose tip peeks just above the waves, the scope and scale of God's Will is often hidden from us by our misunderstanding of what it is.

What is God's Will for us? In part, to be joy-filled at all times, to never stop praying, and to always be giving thanks. God is far more concerned with who we are with Him than what we can do for Him. And we need to stop thinking so much of ourselves that we think God's Will only applies to what we are capable of out in the world.

May we be the sort of people who know and are known by God in intimate rejoicing, ever-mindful prayfulness, and an ever-thankful spirit. And as we embrace God's Will for our relationship with Him, He will lead us in loving others, He will lead us in righteous, obedient living, and He will lead us beside quiet waters. May we begin again each morning with a hunger to walk with our Father, rather than craving to be seen and known to work for what might be Him, but is more likely our own pride.

May we start each day striving to be with Him, near Him, content with His closeness and trusting Him to tell us what to do and when.

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