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Your Morning Coffee 10/28/2022

Good morning!

Welcome to your morning coffee! May our Heavenly Father remind us of how deeply he delights in our daily obedience. Father, continue to call us back to your word, and deeper into your word. Help us to read your Bible with an eye for how we can obey it. Because if we do not obey it, we cannot understand it. Father, we come to you in faith, seeking understanding. Enlighten us, Father, to what you would have us do, what you would have us say, and how you would have us live. We love you, Father. In the name of your son Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit within us, help us to obey you, daily, desperately. And share with us your delight!

Your Morning Song: "One Day" by Cochren & Co.

Your Morning Scripture: Jeremiah 35:18-19

Then Jeremiah said to the house of the Rechabites, “Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, ‘Because you have obeyed the command of Jonadab your father, kept all his commands and done according to all that he commanded you; therefore thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, “Jonadab the son of Rechab shall not lack a man to stand before Me always.”


Are you anything like me? Have you wrestled with that word that wages war on our selfish pride?


How often do we think of this word? It isn't a part of my normal vocabulary. It comes up in my heart and mind more than it used to, but it is still a difficult thing, to shift my thoughts, my opinions, and my choices, to more fully, functionally submit to God's will.


I don't use that word very often in conversations with others, even though I do work at a church. Obey.

We cannot fully grasp the depth of God's desire, or the great lengths to which he cherishes, our obedience. It has taken me a very long time to truly see the joy there is to be had in obeying God. It is a special, wonder-full, mysterious joy God delights in sharing with us, longs to share with us.

If we would come to his word to discern his will and obey him in all that he commands us.

And perhaps this is a good thing to remember today. Not the consequences of disobedience. But the blessings of obedience, of a lifestyle of obedience.

Chase after God's approval and his delight.

Obey him today.

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