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Your Morning Coffee 10/01/2022

Good morning!

Welcome to your morning coffee! May our Heavenly Father remind us today of what he has done in us, for us, and through us. Father, we are daily in need of your mercy and grace. Without your presence and your provision, we are hopeless. Guide us, Father, and lead us as we choose and do and say in our every day to day. In the name of your son Jesus and by the power of the Spirit, help us to remember all that you have done for us. And may your promises fulfilled be the foundation upon which our identity as your children is founded and grounded. We love you Father, because you first loved us. Let us live ever mindful of your love!

Your Morning Song: "Counting Every Blessing" by Rend Collective

Your Morning Scripture: Psalm 105:1

Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name;

make known his deeds among the peoples!


I firmly believe that, day in and day out, we are less like a TV volume setting and much more like a old timey ship's steering wheel.

How so?

The analogy itself turns on this one, single point. Academically we could call it static versus dynamic. Common sense would just say that one you set and forget, the other needs near constant looking after.

Static means it never changes. Once set, it stays the same.

I am not like this. If I am not careful my thoughts and feelings swing all over the place, pushed and pulled by doubts, insecurities, fears, regrets, and on and on and on...

I am like a old timey ship's steering wheel. My thoughts and emotions need constant attention. Someone always needs to be steering, or else I am hopelessly lost. I am daily and desperately in need of being reminded of God's mercy and grace.

Each day, through prayer, reading God's Word, and living life with his people, we need to be mindful of what he has done in our lives, is doing, and will do. One of the easiest ways to do this, to be mindful in this way, is to count the ways he has blessed us.

God's promises fulfilled in our lives should be counted, should be remembered, should be shared with others. And every day that we do this, remembering, in detail, what God has done for us, in us, and through us, our lives become steadier, more stable, consistent, mature, wise, dependable, and on and on and on...

How has God blessed you? How has God cared for you and provided for you? How often do you think of what he has done for you? Do you count the ways that he has blessed you? Or has your life become something much more blurred? Forgetful? Lost?

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