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Your Morning Coffee 08/31/2022

Good morning!

Welcome to your morning coffee! May our Heavenly Father guide us as we seek to become more like his son. Father, help us to cling to your grace as we attempt to be humble. Our well-spring hearts rise up and rebel. But by your Spirit, we can serve each other. We can say no to ourselves and yes to your will, Father. In the name of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit, help us to serve one another with the same love that you have shown us!

Your Morning Song: "His Name Is Jesus" by Phil Wickham

Your Morning Scripture: Mark 10:42-45

And Jesus called them to him and said to them, “You know that those who are considered rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. But it shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”


This is what it means to be a Christ-like leader, church. That the "greatest" of us would be the least, the one who serves, not the one who is served.

The trick here is in the difference between knowing and doing. It is not enough to understand this concept. We are being called to obey this command, to do it.

And in the doing, we ought to ask ourselves, "what do I do as a child of God for other children of God?" And also, credit to my four-year-old son on this one, "why?"

Do you want to be great? Do you want to be honored and praised by God?


Do you want to lead? Do you want others to look up to you?


Serve in any and every way. Ask people how they're doing and mean it. Do yard work for those who can't anymore. Bring a meal to a family that is suffering. Watch a young couple's kids so that they can rest. Ask someone how you can pray for them and then pray with them, for them. Buy people a cup of coffee and pour out love and attention on them. Offer to help people even if it scares you that they might accept your offer. Help someone move. Run errands for someone who can't.


The greatest of us are often those who we most easily overlook, because they are truly, beauty-full-ly, humble in spirit, serving.

If we want to be great, we must serve, we must become least, we must actively and joyfully pursue the purposes of others to fulfill the purpose of Christ.

Want a role model? Go read about Jesus. And ask yourself who is loving you well right now? Who are you loving right now?

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