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Your Morning Coffee 08/10/2023

Good morning!

Welcome to your morning coffee! May our Heavenly Father remind us today that we can rest in His perfect goodness, with the comfort that we don't have to be. Father, help us to entrust our daily thinkings, sayings, and doings to you. That our obedience might be rewarded with your shared joy. That our disobedience might be loved out of us by your discipline that leads to intimate repentance. Walk with us in the garden of our thought-life, Father. And in the name of Jesus, by the power of the Spirit, help us to embrace your Will! Amen.

Your Morning Song: "Boy Like Me/Man Like You" by Rich Mullins

Your Morning Scripture: Matthew 19:14

but Jesus said,

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,

for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”


I went on a walk a few nights ago with my children so my wife could get a break. And we walked just to walk. We took our time. And I just enjoyed my kids. When we started heading home, Delmar, my little boy, jumped off of his bike. He quick scooped something up out of the grass and stuffed it in his pocket.

Now if you know anything about little boys, you might be concerned, like I was, about what he was stuffing in his pocket. Handful of grass? A bug? A rock? A frog or toad or something hopping and gross?


"Delmar? What are you putting in your pocket?" I asked carefully.

"Flowers for Mama," he replied, grabbing another, smiling, and then stuffing it into his pocket with the others he'd been gathering.

The more I think about this, the more I am deeply convicted.

Our praying, our singing, our serving, all of the things that we give to God. Too often I think of their quality first, and not the God who I am praying to, singing to, and serving. Delmar came home and gave those flowers to his mama with a big smile. He did not care that they had been in his pocket. He was looking only at his mama, her smile, her, "Oh thank you!" and how much she enjoyed them.

The child-like trust my son has for his mother's love for him, peacefully blinds him to the shame of his weakness. And leaves only his joy at her joy when he simply shows her love as best he can.

In this same way, we should love our Heavenly Father. Our prayers and songs and service does not have to be perfect before God will accept us. He has saved and accepted us already. And now He longs for your shameless, joyful pocket flowers.

Will you give them to Him?

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