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Your Valentine's Day Coffee 02/14/2023

Good morning and happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome to your morning coffee! May our Heavenly Father give us the strength we need to obey Him in all things that we think and do and say. Father, we need you. Sometimes it is so hard to remember you in our daily lives. Remind us, refresh us, restore us by your Spirit. All that you do, you do in love. And you ask the same of us. And you never ask us to do anything without also making us able. In Jesus name make us able to obey you today. Amen.

Your Morning Song: "..." by Keith & Kristyn Getty Alison Krauss

Your Morning Scripture: 1 Corinthians 16:14

Let all that you do be done in love.


There are certain verses in the Bible that we read quickly, with speed, but without an understanding of what they're actually asking of us.

Let all you do be done in love.

All? Not most. Not more often than not. All.

As a husband and a father I can confidently promise you that I am daily tempted, perhaps even hourly tempted, not to do what I in love. Frustration? Impatience? Annoyance? Selfishness? I cannot act out of these things and also be doing what I do in love.

This is one of the most difficult verses in the Bible for us to obey. Do all things in love. The word "selfless" pops into my thoughts and flashes bright and loud like a neon sign pointing the way to obedience. All?

And all of my temptations that are not love cry out in a forked-tongue whisper, saying, "did God really say, all?"

Yes. He did. Let's examine ourselves. Do we do what we do because of what God says? Or do we do what we do because of what we want? Perhaps some of us struggle in this place. Our fallen flesh fiercely pulls at us to believe that what we want is more important that what God says. Will we go along with it? Forget open, unrepentant rebellion, how many of us simply don't put in the effort needed to act in love?

We cannot obey God on accident. It must be on purpose. In love.

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