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How the Gospel Changes Lives, Part 1

Updated: Aug 30, 2021


We likely all know of a person whose life was transformed by the Gospel of Christ.

Did you know that the Gospel also transforms churches and the lives of those who are committed to sharing the Gospel with others.

Let's look at a passage in Acts 16 that presents both.

This passage comes immediately after a narrative about a gathering of apostles and elders in Jerusalem, described in the previous chapter.

Following that, Paul and Barnabas were excited to depart and take the Gospel message to the Gentiles. Yet, just before the journey commenced, the two men had a disagreement over whether John Mark, who had abandoned them on their first missionary journey, should be included on this second outreach effort.

So, the plans changed. Even though they reunited later on, Paul & Silas and Barnabas & John Mark -- went off separately.

And it's clear from the passage above, that their initial plans were changed several times as they followed the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Finally, Paul's missionary team arrived at Philippi, an important Macedonian city. They were probably brimming with expectations of what great things God was going to do.

Perhaps Paul was envisioning a huge crowd, with impressive conversions like those on the day of Pentecost.

Instead, God directed them to a quiet place near a riverside where a small group of women had gathered.

Rather than an impressive conversion of a large group, Scripture relates how the Lord opened the heart of one woman named Lydia.

She believed and was baptized, as was her entire household.

Her life was changed, and she immediately invited Paul and his companions to stay at her home.

The Gospel Changes Lives!

This is true not only in the lives of those who accept the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, like Lydia, but also in the lives of those who shared the Gospel message, like Paul and his companions.

The Gospel Changes Our Plans The Gospel Changes Our Expectations The Gospel Changes Our Ways

Be open to allowing God to change your plans, expectations, and ways!

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